NS4ed Customizes District Market Needs for Nebraska Schools

May 28, 2020. NS4ed LLC, a rising leader in actionable research and professional guidance in education, announces its partnership with Nebraska’s Educational Service Unit #2 (ESU2) to build an online regional data site in support of the vital intersection of education, the economy, and the workforce. The data site will include up-to-date labor market information and local resources to guide ESU2’s 16 public school districts as they develop regionally aligned Career and Technical Education programs.

NS4ed’s Pathways to Careers (P2C) platform, which underlies the data site, creates a virtual bridge between education and industry that can help districts develop comprehensive local needs assessments for CTE funding and curricular pathways that reflect the realities of current and projected job demand in the region. According to Dr. Joseph Goins, CEO of NS4ed, “Our work in Nebraska helps  ESU2 support its local districts in two ways: First, to prepare federal funding requests, which require thoughtful analyses of local economic, social and educational needs; and second to provide data-rich resources to districts to propel students, their schools, and their communities along clearer pathways to career-readiness.”

Nebraska’s ESU2 is a member of the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), a professional association helping its members to build and support educational platforms and resources that enrich rural and remote locations as well as towns across America.” AESA currently serves 553 agencies nationwide in 45 states, reaching more than 80% of the public school districts, 83% of private schools, 80% of certified teachers, and 80% of public and private school students.

NS4ed, in a direct partnership with AESA, supports many local ESAs such as that in Nebraska. This breadth and reach of AESA make NS4ed’s partnership with it and many of its local members, such as ESU2, nationally impactful for innovative paradigms in education that reflect the NS4ed P2C platform’s effectiveness to assuring student learning is relevant to today’s marketplace realities.

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