Our mission is to ensure students are

Career Engaged

Students are motivated and inspired to develop career skills and seek employment opportunities that meet both personal and community needs.

Career Awareness &

At Pathway2Careers, we know that bringing career awareness and exposure into the classroom is important. That's why we've built a Career Center on top of the MetaMetrics career database to help raise awareness of career information and to expose students to high value careers. We especially place a focus on providing context and useful data for students making impactful career choices.

Career-Connected Learning

The Pathway2Careers (P2C) math assessments for Algebra I and Geometry provide students with a Quantile measure that indicates the skills and concepts they are ready to learn. This information allows educators to more easily align instruction and educational materials with a student’s current skill level. The P2C assessments also provide the ability to track students’ mathematics growth with multiple assessments throughout the year – beginning, middle, and end.

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