Our mission is to ensure students are

Career Prepared

Students have the necessary foundational, technical, and workplace skills needed to support success in a variety of careers.

Coming Fall 2020

Career-Focused Curricula

We create education with destination by connecting students directly to their interests and relevant career paths.

Why should I learn this stuff? This is an increasingly common question in math classes that suggests students are struggling to find purpose in their learning. In our career prepared curricula, we explore a new career-focused math curriculum from Pathway2Careers that places Algebra and Geometry in the context of high-value career opportunities. Lesson samples show how we align with Common Core State Standards in Algebra or Geometry and demonstrate the real application of these standards in authentic on-the-job examples. Seeing the why behind the what can enhance both motivation and retention.

Coming Fall 2020

MetaMetrics Quantile Assessment

The Pathway2Careers (P2C) math assessments for Algebra I and Geometry provide students with a Quantile measure that indicates the skills and concepts they are ready to learn. This information allows educators to more easily align instruction and educational materials with a student’s current skill level. The P2C assessments also provide the ability to track students’ mathematics growth with multiple assessments throughout the year – beginning, middle, and end.

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