Our mission is to ensure students are

Career Wise

Students have insight into personal values and interests, as well as the economic realities of the job market, that supports informed career decisions.

Career Pathways

The P2C career pathways build awareness of the educational stepping stones within a career journey. Each map identifies various education levels, ranging from high school diploma to advanced degrees. Within each of these levels, the most viable career opportunities within a local region are listed. Education requirements are also outlined that guide students toward pathway-specific training.

Career Exploration

The P2C career exploration materials and resources are designed to promote clear and efficient delivery of career-related information, with emphasis on enhancing students’ understanding and use of labor market data in the decision-making process.

Career Guides

Career decisions can appear deceivingly simple. After all, how hard can it be to simply pick a job? In reality, effective career exploration is a multifaceted process that involves careful evaluation of both personal and external factors. Helping students navigate this process can result in more robust career decisions with the potential for greater job satisfaction and employment security throughout their employment experiences.

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