NS4ed to Release Career-Focused Algebra and Geometry Curricula in Fall 2020

June 4, 2020. NS4ed LLC, a rising leader in actionable research and professional guidance in education, is developing career-focused algebra and geometry curricula that is scheduled for release in early fall of this year.  The curricula will be available through NS4ed’s flagship program, Pathway2Careers (P2C), which offers a collection of career readiness services that support schools in their efforts to prepare students for high-value careers in their communities.

The new curricula, to be titled, Pathway2Algebra (P2A) and Pathway2Geometry (P2G), will focus on the instruction of foundational math concepts in the context of high-value careers.  Content within each subject will center around twelve main topic areas, with each lesson addressing one or more Common Core State Standards.  What distinguishes P2A and P2G from traditional math curricula is the in-depth career application that will be available to students.  Over one hundred different occupations are represented in the curricula.  As students work through lessons, in a blended, technology-enhanced learning model, they gain career exposure through detailed career spotlights.  Most importantly, they have opportunity to experience purpose in their learning through the application of core math concepts in authentic on-the-job examples.  In Pathway to Algebra and Pathway2Geometry, students learn and practice math fully immersed in a variety of unique and different careers.

Rather than learn math in the abstract, students using P2A and P2G will be provided concrete examples of how math skills are used in the “real world.”  This, according to Dr. Joseph Goins, CEO for NS4ed, “is how students find purpose in their learning and experience the drive to move forward.”  Indeed, purpose in learning is a fundamental element that fuels the acquisition of most forms of knowledge, as well as critical skills.  When we know the “why” behind the “what,” the motivation to learn can be significantly enhanced.  Goins has cited the need to support meaningful learning in math classrooms as the central purpose behind the development of P2C math curricula.

Response to the new curricula has been overwhelmingly positive, says Goins, with school leaders and educators instantly recognizing the power of this instructional approach to promote career exposure and enhance motivation to learn, while also providing quality math instruction.  Many have commented that the intimate connection between math and the workplace that flows throughout the lessons is truly unique and unlike any other math product.

Currently, Pathway2Algebra and Pathway2Geometry is scheduled for release in early September.  Information and updates on the release can be found at http://curriculum.pathway2careers.com/.

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